DOGS OF HELSINKI is a project of photographer Olivier Béaslas, inspired by similar projects in other countries. Olivier works in Finland as a professional photographer specialized with dogs. DOGS OF HELSINKI project is a way to give back to the community. People talk more easily to each other when they walk their dogs. Olivier goes and meets them here and there in Greater Helsinki area (Helsinki-Espoo-Vantaa).

Would this be the new "connecting people" project? :)

There is an extremely strong bond between a dog and his/her owner. Olivier is witnessing that bond, every time, every day and every new connection.


Reino, 4 months old sleepy giant schnauzer, and his owner Mia, met at Helsinki Cruising, market square, Helsinki.

When I met them, Reino was indeed sleeping. It's a puppy, and this cruising thing is quite noisy and very crowded. So a bit of calm was welcome. Reino doesn't destroy anything, doesn't bite, he is not afraid of loud noise from cars. This place is very good to socialise him. When he grows up, he should become a service dog, searching and rescuing missing people.


Omar, 9 months old italian greyhound, and his owner Jaana, met at Helsinki Cruising, market square, Helsinki.

In Finland, there is a candy named Omar, it's cream caramel from Fazer. Omar got this name because of his similar color with the candy. This young greyhound is definitely a Helsinki city dog. Nevertheless, he is very fast already and  he will compete, as his mother who was a speed runner champion.


Dono, 2,5 years old miniature dachshund, and his owner Marianne, met at Helsinki Cruising, market square, Helsinki.

Dono has not always lived with Marianne. A year ago, he has moved from a previous family. Marianne was supposed to help relocating him, but Dono chose to stay with her. Since then, they are always together, all the time, everywhere. Even in scooter, where Dono travels safely in a backpack.


Uljas, 11 weeks old jack russell, and his owner Sanni, met in Taka-Töölö, Helsinki.

Already 2 years before the arrival of the puppy, his name was chosen as Uljas. In Finnish, it means something like brave. There is a saying about jack russells: big dogs in small bodies. It fits perfectly here. Uljas is afraid of nothing.


Nipsu (chocolate) and Gizmo (yellow) 4 and 7 years old labradors, and their owner Amanda, in Töölö, Helsinki. 

When I met them, they very happily and actively jumped at me. It’s hard to believe that when Nipsu was 6 months old, he was almost not able to walk. He had very bad knee problem, but after a big surgery, now he is all fine. 

Nipsu is begging for attention, while Gizmo is more independent.

When Amanda was 18, she has been victim of a very dramatic event in her life, and Gizmo has been the very best help to rebuild herself, to reborn.

I'm back after winter, let's connect more!


Pyry, 10 years old Parson Russell terrier, and his owner Johanna, near the sea, Helsinki.

In finnish, Pyry means snow storm and that's the name they chose when seeing him for the first time. Pyry is a "real" Helsinki dog, born and raised in here, and he feels very territorial about this area where he walks daily. But he will still enjoy spending some time in countryside too and play his favorite activity: catching frisbee.


Viia, 13 years old spanish water dog, and her owner Anna, by the sea, in Helsinki.

Don't let yourself be fooled by her age. Yes, Viia is retired, she was a working dog, rescuing missing people in the woods, but she won't go out for a walk if her owner doesn't take the tennis ball with her. Viia is full of energy, and always ready for something new, as much as for cuddling.


Trigger, 11 years old mixed breed and his owner Eugene, in Viherlaakso, Espoo - Greater Helsinki.

Eugene's words: " Trigger's heart really belongs to my partner Sini. She fell in love with both of us in Ireland and we both followed her here to Finland. It was only recently I realized how a big part of my life he has become when they went to the vet one day. I was calling and was very worried that he would not come home. He came home, nowadays he is blind but as long as his tail is wagging, we are happy."

August 2014

Project Dogs of Helsinki started 1st of August. Have you read all the stories this month? 

Thank you for all the participants, especially when it's new project, and they trusted me accepting to contribute to the collection and sharing something with me and you. 

Can't wait to share more dogs and people connections...


Bruno, Simba, Lumi, Essi and Sini, respectively, 1.5 year, 1.5 year, 8 months, 4 months, and 10 weeks old chihuahuas, and their owner Mia, in Töölö, Helsinki.

The least we can say is that Mia is a dog person. As you can't  see in that photo, Mia also breeds french bulldogs. She used to have a rottweiler. But don't get me wrong, those chihuahuas are real dogs. They have activities, like  blood tracking (verijälki in finnish), obedience training (möllitoko). They are super easy, funny and curious. They spend a lot of time with Mia, every day. She loves them.


Börje, 7 months old dachshund and his owner Laura, in Töölö, Helsinki.

At home, Börje shares the place with his owners and 2 cats. He likes to play with the cats. He is a super easy and calm puppy. Laura can't imagine life without him. Quality of life has improved since they have a dog. People talk more easily to other people with a dog/puppy. That's how they realized that Börje's brother from same litter is also living ins the same building. What a coincidence!


Kelmi, 1 year old bullmastiff, in Tali, Helsinki.

Kelmi lives with his owners and an older quiet bullmastiff. Life would be boring without them, shared Mika, the owner of Kelmi. If this breed is relax and easy, so far young Kelmi is still very excited about everything, biting/chewing all what he can find. He has a lot of energy. And when 60kg (still growing) jump on  you, you notice it :)


Nemi and Jade, respectively 1 and 5 years old dalmatian, met in Pikku-Huopalahti park, Helsinki.

Nemi suffered from chondrosarcoma and had to be amputated this summer of her left front leg to give her a chance to live normally. And it works. It's quite amazing how she does almost everything as if 4 legs, and it's actually easier for her to run than to move slowly, shared her owner.

Jade, who is not related to Nemi, still behaves a bit like a mother to her. They are best friends to each other.


Peter, 6 years old mixed dog from Spain, and his owner Salvador, in Etelä-Haaga, Helsinki.

Salvador and Peter moved to Finland few years ago, around Christmas time, and the temperature difference from Valencia to Helsinki was such a shock, that Peter didn't even want to walk outside of Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Nowadays, he is wearing a winter coat that keeps him warm when needed.

Definitely not needed today, +27˚C in Helsinki.


Max, 3,5 years old irish wolfhound, by the sea in Helsinki.

Max is "only" 80 kg and he is still getting some body mass. In a way, he is very teenager. His owner Eku is looking forward to see Max getting more mature soon.


Masi, 4 months old mini schnauzer, and his owner Päivi, met in Pikku-Huopalahti park, Helsinki.

Masi is a lovely puppy, easy and calm, who proudly achieved his 5 times puppy course, and is now ready for next challenge: obedience training for puppy. Then he even will be able to join Päivi and spend days with her at office.


Pablo, 3 years old, miniature dachshund, and his owner Nelly, in Helsinki center.

Pablo is not that mini for a miniature dachshund, but it's probably because this is the sweetest dog you can meet, he has a big heart, loves everybody, especially kids shared his owner.


Nappi, 5 years and 3 months old, red irish setter, and his owner Ville, in Helsinki center.

Ville said that they had chosen the name, before choosing the dog. When they went to see the litter of puppies, those were all asleep. They called: "Nappi!" and a little one woke up and went directly to them. The choice was made this way.

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