15-20 December 2017

Mikä on paras lahja koiraihmiselle, jolla on jo kaikkea? 

- Unohtumaton kokemus, kuten hauska ja ammattimainen valokuvaus hänen koiralleen. 

Jos haluat ostaa koiravalokuvaus lahjakortin, voit tehdä sen maksamalla 120€ tilille FI4810233000248745 ja vastaamalla tähän viestiin kuvalla, jossa näkyy selkeästi maksusi. Saat sen jälkeen digitaalisen lahjakortin sähköpostiisi, jonka voit lähettää esimerkiksi ystävällesi tai pitää itselläsi.

Jos kaipaat lisätietoja, älä epäröi ottaa minuun yhteyttä 😊.

November 2017

My business is now 5 years old. Started full time fall 2012, been about 4 years at Mannerheimintie 59, and for bit more than one year now at Kylänevantie 2, Helsinki. Le Studio Beaslas will have OPEN HOUSE that saturday 11.11.2017 Welcome all, clients, clients to be, neighbours, friends,....

Event is here

5v business OPEN HOUSE

December 2016

This weekend 10-11.12.2016, I'll be at messukeskus for the biggest dog event in Finland, KOIRAMESSUT 2016. Stand 6h41, welcome. We have some very good offers, and it's soon christmas :)

koiramessut 2016 stand 6 h 41

Fall 2016

we are open

June 2016

BIG BIG NEWS: Indeed, after 4 years at Mannerheimintie 59, I moved the studio to Etelä-Haaga, Kylänevantie 2, Helsinki. It's now closed till it's ready. 

December 2015

This weekend 5-6.12.2015, you will find me at KOIRAMESSUT,  in messukeskus, Helsinki at stand 6C51. Come and say hi, and little christmas shopping too.


Stand 6 C 51 KOIRAMESSUT2015

April 2015

Interview  (in english) for Helsingin Sanomat website (in finnish) in an article about the trend of dog photography in studio. I was asked to give few advice to take photos of your own dog.


Helsingin Sanomat Interview

February 2015


In February, let’s celebrate friends!

Share a full session with a friend!

Your dog probably has a best buddy to go to run, to play, or for a walk.

Why not get them together photographed at my studio?

Special offer, only in February! (photosessions happening in Febuary)

Share a full photosession: you will get photos of your own dog, and also of the dogs together.

Normal price is 186 €. for full photosession

You share with one friend: 93 €/person or you share with 2 friends: 62 €/person

Offer limited to 3 (you +2 friends) maximum

Book your shared session at: info@koiravalokuvaus.fi


January 2015

My little exhibition PAWS ( and TONGUES) an exhibition with a different kind of ballet dancers

is back till end of February 2015, at Lemmikkikulma, Munkkiniemen puistotie 3, Helsinki.

Enjoy it. 

You can also buy postcards of the "ballet dancers"!

And during the all time of the exhibition, there is also a "lottery box" where you have a chance to win a full photo session at my studio. Try your luck!

PAWS (and Tongues) in 2015

December 2014

If you are not visiting KOIRA2014, you can still enjoy the special offer during the weekend.

-20% on the package ( photosession time, ready photos viewing time, and webversion photos)

Price 149 € to pay at:


FI48 1023 3000 2847 45

Ref: 201411240054

Due date: 8.12.2014

You can then email me at info@koiravalokuvaus.fi

Have a nice weekend

KOIRA2014 Stand 6C4

Koiravalokuvaus - dog photography will be at KOIRA2014 stand 6C4 in Messukeskus this weekend 6-7th of December 2014. This is the biggest dog event in Finland. Don't miss it.

Come and say hi, enjoy special offer and start christmas shopping.

August 2014

1st of August I launch officially my new photography project: Dogs of Helsinki


Have a look and welcome to follow this new adventure too

8,9,10-08-2014, Koiravalokuvaus- Dog photography will be at World Dog Show 2014, stand 6C4, come and say Hi if you are around.

June-July 2014

My photo made the cover of the finnish photography magazine "KAMERA-lehti" for June-July 2014. If you get a copy, you can read also an article about my exhibition "PAWS (and tongues)" that was held earlier this year.

No need to say I am super happy about that happened!!

KAMERA-lehti 06-07/2014

May 2014

Spring/summer is finally here, and I see a lot of puppies around, so I thought it would be nice to have a special offer, valid in June/kesäkuu 2014.

Book your session now for your puppy,  get 1 paper print 20x30cm for FREE.

(puppy must be under 6 months old)

April 2014

This month from 4th  to 30th of April, I have my very first little exhibition,  in Kameraseura cafe gallery.

There is an opening on 3rd of April 2014 at 18:00

Lastenkodinkuja 1 , 00180 Helsinki


Paws (and tongues) An exhibition with a different kind of ballet dancers

March 2014

I finally refreshed my website. Different template, more infos, new offer, ... I hope you like it?!

I also joined Instagram where I will put some behind the scene photos. If you are there, don't hesitate to follow me.

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