Olivier B, who are you?

Olivier Béaslas, I'm a French photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. I am specialized with dog photography, working mainly in studio but also outdoors. 

Since 2012, I work in my own studio, now at Kylänevantie 2,  00320 Helsinki.

Why do you take photos of dogs?

Because I found my niche :) Seriously, answering because I love dogs would be too obvious. Indeed I believe you need to be a dog person to do it well. You need to understand dogs to be able to work with them and create stunning images. If you love what you do, you are happy and you create happiness for your clients too. Read the page "Your experience" to know more. 

What kind of photos do you make?

If you browse my portfolio here or follow me on Facebook, you will have found out what is my style of photography. I try to capture who is your dog, yes, the one who lives with you everyday at home, who is doing funny faces, who gives you weird looks.

Do you have your own dog?

Indeed, yes. Molly, gorgeous Irish setter, born in 2011 is making our house a home. Sometimes she comes to studio with me, and sleeps at my feet when I'm editing your photos.

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