Let me tell you few words about what you could experience.

When I started working as a full time professional photographer, I had an idea of what kind of business I want to create. I had an idea of what I want to offer to my clients. It is very straightforward: high quality experience from beginning to the end. The time we spend together, this is quality time for you and your dog. When people want to invest some money for professional dog photography, they should go to a specialist, not to any random photographer.

How do I get things to happen during the photo session?

It's teamwork: I work, you and your dog help. We are not in a hurry, but if that day your dog is not in the mood, I won't be pushing anyone, it's a no stress atmosphere required for great results. Fun is the key word.

Finally, the idea of my business: I want my clients to have beautiful photos on their wall, on a frame, as a canvas, or other products, that you can see and enjoy everyday at home (I believe that you will enjoy more watching one photo on your wall, than files stored on hard drive).

My studio at Kylänevantie 2, 00320 Helsinki is used for dog photography. So, yes, the place is for your dog, it's a quiet place.

What should you bring for the photo session?

You don't need to bring much. If you want to brush your dog before the session, please bring what you need for that.

Treats and toys are welcome, even though I always spend the beginning of the session to see how our team (you, your dog and I) is working, to find which way will be giving best results (some dogs get over excited by toys, some dogs start drooling a bit too much with treats. We are all different, so are they :)

In the studio, I don't encourage any props/clothes for the dog during the photosession. I rather suggest you to remove the collar from the dog, as the dog can be free. Of course it's different when we are taking photos outdoors or for dog equipment, like raincoat, or harnesses.

What do you get for your initial investment?

See Prices section

You want to book me, how do you do?

If you are planning to get a puppy, take contact in advance, as the puppy stage doesn't last very long, and it's better to schedule your session the earlier the better.

If you are having an old dog, precise it when contacting me, that we can schedule your session in the very near future, no need to wait too long.

All kind of dogs is welcome.

One easy way is to fill the contact form.

You can prefer to email me directly at: info@koiravalokuvaus.fi

My phone number: 044 345 01 03 but I might be in the middle of a photo session and not be able to take your call at first.

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