• Experience the Premium session, a luxury session which include everything below:


. Photoshooting time (2-3 different sets)

. Viewing session (another time where we look at ready photos together)

. All edited photos in high resolution (it's much more than 10 photos)


. A possibility for a link for you to see all the unedited photos in case you would consider that for example that one photo should have been included in the ready photos gallery. 

     The price is 620€ (incl 24 % VAT)


Large beautiful prints, canvas, acrylic,... are available separately. Instalments payments possible. 


There are moments in life that you want to remember forever. I create valuable memories, and art to display on the walls of your home. This luxury experience will be part of the memories. And let’s tell the truth, you will also have lot of fun ;)


  • Experience the Mini session, a session maybe for testing how your dog behave in front of camera in studio environnement, maybe to renew yearly your dog portrait,...


Very good for very young puppy  for example (you are not sure if puppy can already well behave here): small investment, risk free.

. That is a very short session and it includes only one photo.

     The price is only 60€ (incl 24% VAT) and no charge if we don't get any photo (never happened though)

  • None of those above fit your dream, no worries, let's make a Custom session for you. Contact me, and let's discuss how we can create something splendid for you.

Those prices are for private customers.

You are owning a pet related business, or you work at advertising agency, let's get in contact by email to see the terms for commercial work.

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